Three astronauts back on Earth from space station

The Team completed a 204-day Assignment Crossing 3,264 orbits of This Planet Earth and Also a Travel of 86.4 million Kilometers

When requested by means of a writer site if he enjoyed the current weather Kononenko mentioned he had been"very happy to observe all kinds of climate" later spending more than 200 times in distance.

The distance veteran Kononenko who was simply the very initial person to have now been hauled out of the pill appeared clearly worn out and light.  McClain and also Saint Jacques were energetic and gave that a thumbsup into the restoration staff who catered the a few together with applause.

Even the astronauts had been Puton camping seats at sunlight by the pill to get a judgment and also very first medical evaluations.

A Couple of the astronauts had finished their own maiden flights -- Anne McClain of both the USA and also David Saint Jacques of both Canada.  The trip commander Oleg Kononenko of all Russia has concluded his fourth largest distance assignment.  Each invested 204 times inside distance.
People in America Nick Hague and also Christina Koch and also Russia's Alexey Ovchinin stay aboard the space channel.

The team is predicted to be carried to some neighborhood airport and then go into their own home foundations.
Even the Soyuz capsule with astronauts in Canada, Russia and the united states of america landed at the steppes of Kazakhstan in 8-47 a.m. (0247GMT), under one minute in front of their scheduled period, on Tuesday immediately after having a three hour excursion in the sunken laboratory.
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